2017 Behind the Scenes & What's to Come

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In my inbox today I received Laura Simm’s newsletter. Subject line was: Behind the scenes: My 2017 - I immediately clicked and read all Laura’s greatness and reflection from 2017 and honestly felt inspired to do the same for my first blog of 2018.

Before I go into my 2017 review, I need to take a moment and share how pivotal Laura Simms is to my journey. In late 2014, I enrolled in her signature class, “Your Career Homecoming” which resulted in the very early underpinnings of what you now know as The Wellness Bookkeeper.  Then in 2016, I was part of the very first 90 Day Business Launch Program - which she delivers with Michelle Ward from the When I Grow Up Coach - who is also freakin awesome!

So basically, Laura worked with me at the time when I was working at a 9-5 - longing to serve the world in a bigger way - longing to be an entrepreneur - and essentially guiding me through two tremendously large parts of my transition.

So basically she is fucking amazing.

Definitely get on her newsletter list and if you or anyone you know desires a career that feels like home OR if you need a swift kick in the pants to launch your business - make working with Laura (and Michelle) a priority for 2018.

So what happened for me in 2017?

  • I legally filed The Wellness Bookkeeper as an LLC.

  • I left my part-time job and went full-time with The Wellness Bookkeeper. In retrospect, this part-time job served as a bridge job and was the one thing holding me back from going all in with The Wellness Bookkeeper.  If this makes any sense, it was the easiest yet hardest decision I made as it meant The Wellness Bookkeeper had to be financially viable - no pressure!

  • Focused solely on building my 1:1 client portfolio. As someone who has lots of ideas and the desire to do all the things and be everything to everyone, doubling down on one offering was a challenge initially. But gosh, I’m so glad I did. I ended 2017 with 1000% growth in 1:1 clients. I know that % increase looks like bullshit - but that is the legit result.

  • Fully invested and believe wholeheartedly that the universe has my back. I’m an avid book reader and one of my all-time faves is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. The quote, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” is written numerous times in The Alchemist and honestly, I kept going back to this quote throughout 2017 - and I’m sure that reminder will continue in 2018.

  • Became a certified Profit First Professional. I first met Profit First author, Mike Michalowicz, in 2009 (I think!) - and he is such a likeable person - with his charismatic and funny personality. Back then, he was known as the author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” but since has written 4 other books, one being “Profit First”. I began my certification in July - attended ProfitCon - and met an unbelievable amazing group of accountants, bookkeepers and coaches. Plus, bonus, Mike’s team is fantastic. The Profit First certification takes work and includes a final exam - AND requires that you implement the Profit First system in your business. In fact, your first Profit First client is your business. I’m proud to say that I’m part of an elite group of 200 worldwide who together are working to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. If you haven’t read Profit First - join The Wellness Bookkeeper newsletter list and receive the first 2 chapters from the book! And look out for Mike’s newest book, “Clockwork” in 2018. Having already heard the concepts in this book at ProfitCon - I’m excited for its big debut this year!  

And the result of all the aforementioned goodness - I have a profitable business! Boom!

So What’s Happening in 2018?

  • I’m turning 40 - HOLY SHIT!

  • Finish the Enrolled Agent certification exam. This is the IRS’ highest certification - I’ve studied for the exam through 2017 and will sit for the three-part exam throughout 2018. This is up there with the CPA exam - if that means anything - what that means to me is it's a big deal!

  • I’m launching an online course. Want to learn how to create a solid financial foundation for your business AND want to do it with someone who is part number nerd/part Pearl Jam rocker - then this is the course for you!

  • I’m capping my 1:1 bookkeeping client portfolio - and expect this will happen in early Q2. If you need bookkeeping services, let’s schedule time to chat sooner rather than later.

  • Expanding my Profitability offerings. If you want your business to reach ultimate profitability - then let’s schedule a time to chat.  Seriously, I’m 100% confident that you can have a profitable business AND eliminate debt AND pay yourself. The solution is Profit First. If you are interested, let’s schedule a time to chat.

  • Pearl Jam will go on tour and I will see them at least 3x. Yes, they have announced tour dates, Yes those dates are in South America and Europe. No, they haven’t announced dates in North America, but YES, the universe will flow dates for a North American tour later in 2018…

...Because the universe has my back - and yours in 2018.

Happy 2018!